Storage and warehousing

About our warehouse

Our 15,000 square feet are more than just storage space. This is a place where attention to every detail ensures a perfect distribution of space, allowing you to make the most of every square meter. Our experienced staff skillfully manages all processes, ensuring not only safe storage, but also efficient inventory management.

By our modern equipment and technological solutions, your product is under reliable protection. We offer more than just warehouse space, but an integrated approach to storage that provides transparency, efficiency and reliability. Here, each product has its optimal place, ready to be sent on new adventures in the world of the market.

Our approach

Our warehousing is the art of taking care of your product. We create not just storage space, but a real home for your business. Inside our walls is attention to detail, innovative technology and dedication to the safety of your goods.

Here, every item is protected with care and precision. From meticulous inventory to expert packaging, every step of the warehousing process embodies our commitment to excellence. Our trained technicians provide not only safe storage, but also careful placement, ensuring your item is always ready to ship, like a piece of art waiting to shine on the world's showcase.

Storage fees
14 days frees

The storage fee starts from the 15th day the goods are in the warehouse.

Storage of boxes

Storage of boxes up to 18 x 18 x 16 incurs a
charge of
per month
starting on day 15.
Storage of boxes up to 5 cubic feet
incurs a
per month
starting on day 15.