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We understand that time is money, as soon we complete our work as soon our Customers start making money. We always will work very hard for our Customers, first done work then we go to sleep!

About our Team

We are professional and talented team with eCommerce experience starting from 2018. We manage accounts on Amazon, Walmart marketplace, StockX, Ebay, Facebook marketplace. Starting from 2018 we get huge experience in eCommerce business, we paid our own money for all our mistakes and now we are ready to provide best service for all our clients. We learned all our lessons with marketplace policies and we 100% sure that can meet all marketplaces requirements. We respect all our clients does not matter how many items need to be prepared and shipped, each client will get best service from our team. In our work we use software that developed by our IT specialist, each client will get access to our client web system, where can monitor every stage of preparation. Our unique software allow us to work with high quality and efficient.


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Geography of our customers

We are happy that we can communicate with the whole world thanks to our customers. On such a big and at the same time small planet, it is very important to be one team helping and supporting each other. Our customers are part of our family. Welcome to the Prepzone family.


3525 Longhorn Dr Unit A. Houston TX 77084

+1(713) 857-6878

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