Comprehensive logistics solutions for your business!

We are a 3PL company specializing in
optimizing and improving logistics processes
for businesses of any size.

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Our mission:

Our mission is to provide our clients with reliable and efficient solutions in the field of storage, transportation and supply chain management.

We provide a full range of services

modern warehouse
accurate and
on-time deliveries
as well as high-tech order
and inventory management.

Our experience and professionalism allow us not only to reduce your company's costs, but also to improve the level of customer service. We aim to ensure that our clients can focus on growing their business, knowing that their logistics are in the capable hands of our expert team. With us you get not just a 3PL service provider, but a reliable partner ready to grow and develop with you.

Storage and warehousing

Walzon provides services for storing goods in its warehouses. Including inventory management, packaging and labeling of goods.

Order management

Walzon manages the orders processing process, including taking orders, assembling products, packaging and shipping to customers.

Account management

Walzon specializes in managing Amazon Seller accounts and Walmart accounts, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing your online retail presence.

Software solutions

Our software for order and delivery management is specifically designed for retailers aiming to optimize their e-commerce processes efficiently. We provide a unique interface that combines all stages of work, from order processing and inventory management to creating shipping labels and communicating with customers.

Returns processing

Wallzone processes product returns from customers, including checking returned goods and returning them to the warehouse for sale or disposal.


Receiving goods from the supplier

We will pick up your goods from the supplier, check each unit for integrity and accept it for safekeeping


Storage of goods in warehouse

We offer affordable storage for your items until you are ready to restock. All types of storage: pallet, floor, shelf and small cell


FBA Prep

We label, plastic bags, bubble wrap and prepare your products for sale on any marketplace


Fulfillment FBM

Store your items with us and we can fulfill them (FBM) for you


Sending Products

We box, wrap, label and ship your products. Having our own fleet of vehicles allows us to quickly deliver goods to the main postal services


Return Acceptance

When a return arrives at the warehouse, we process it and take it back to the balance

Geography of our customers

We are happy that we can communicate with the whole world thanks to our customers. On such a big and at the same time small planet, it is very important to be one team helping and supporting each other. Our customers are part of our family. Welcome to the Prep zone family.