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  • What is the advantage of using FBA Prep TX?

    Stay at home and focus on shopping at great prices. You buy a product and with a little magic, the products are sold on Amazon. There is no need to touch the physical inventory. Make money with your brain (and wallet), not your hands.

  • How can I save money by paying for prep?

    Yes, it's cheaper to do it yourself. You can get away with minimal equipment and plenty of time. Focus your time on growing your business. You can run your business from anywhere in the world. You'll save hours of manual labor, shipping money, and time spent shipping and receiving. One of the biggest savings is time. Sitting at home for 1-2 days waiting for the pallet to be picked up is a waste of time.

  • Do these prices include shipping?

    Our prep services do not include shipping. Shipping will be billed directly to your Amazon account.

  • How do you access our account?

    We access your central seller account through a "sub account" (a limited account that you set up). We will only have access to send. If you use Inventory Lab, you will also create an additional account there, to which we will have limited access for deliveries.

  • Is it safe to give someone access to my account?

    We'll help you set up additional accounts. These accounts are jailed and will only have access to create shipments. We will not have access to areas such as your finances, stocks, prices, etc.

  • What is your turn around time?

    We do our best to have items ready to ship within 24 hours of the time you create your shipment. We operate some weekends if needed due to high volume of shipments, but these items will not ship until the next business day (Monday).

  • How do we pay?

    An invoice for each shipment will be issued once it has been double checked and is ready for shipment. After receiving payment for services, we plan to receive through Amazon Seller Central.

  • How long does it take for Amazon to receive the shipment?

    Being surrounded by Amazon warehouses and distribution warehouses, we often see next day delivery to Amazon when using UPS. Monday-Wednesday UPS deliveries often begin arriving at warehouses before the weekend. LTL (pallets) are often picked up the next business day and delivered the same business day (using Amazon LTL as carrier). We are lucky that Amazon is the carrier in our area for receiving LTL. Please note that delivery and check-in may vary. Amazon often takes longer to check and process palletized shipments than SPD (UPS shipping).

  • What can I not send in?

    We currently do not ship any hazmat items.
    We do not permit personal drop-offs and pickups.