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 Account management

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Inventory management on the Amazon and Walmart platforms is a complex and strategic process to ensure constant availability of goods, speedy order processing and favorable customer sentiment. Our professionals are focused on maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of inventory management, ensuring that products are always available to order and quickly delivered to customers.

Accurate Forecasting: Analysis of the market and customer preferences allows you to accurately forecast demand, which helps to avoid excess or shortage of goods in the warehouse.

Procurement Optimization: We optimize the procurement process, ensuring timely receipt of goods at the warehouse and preventing delays in order processing.

Warehouse Storage: The placement of goods in the warehouse is carried out taking into account their characteristics and popularity, which allows to minimize losses and speed up the shipment process.

Order Processing: Our team processes each order promptly, ensuring items are properly prepared and packaged for delivery.

Accounting and Reporting: We maintain detailed records of each item of goods, providing clients with accurate reports on the status of inventory and movement of goods.

Compliance with Standards: We comply with quality and safety standards, paying attention to the production date and expiration dates of products.

Our experience managing inventory at Amazon and Walmart allows businesses to focus on growing with the knowledge that inventory and order issues are handled with the utmost care and responsibility by our professionals.

Image by Carlos Muza
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