How profitable is it to sell on Amazon: analysts' assessment

How profitable is it to sell on Amazon: analysts' assessment

89% of sellers on Amazon make a profit, 37% of them increased their profit in 2022. Last year, only 85% of sellers declared their profitability. This is stated in the report The State of the Amazon Seller from Jungle Scout (a company that consults sellers on Amazon). At the same time, every second Amazon seller was affected by the economic downturn in the country.


The main sources of advertising for sellers on Amazon
Sellers spending on promotion continues to rise year by year. While traditional marketplace marketing (pay per click) remains the most common marketing strategy, more merchants are turning to social media to advertise their products. At the same time, the largest growth is observed on video-oriented platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube, and Facebook will remain the most popular social network, with 67% of sellers moving through it. Influencer advertising is growing in importance, with half of Amazon sellers planning to work with social media influencers in 2023.

Merchants are becoming more and more omnichannel. In 2022, 61% of Amazon sellers used at least one additional sales channel, up from 58% a year earlier. Main alternative platforms: eBay, Shopify, Walmart.

Nearly half of sellers other than the US work on at least one other local Amazon marketplace. The absolute leader in growth is the Amazon site in Brazil (+220%), however, the number of sellers on Amazon platforms in Turkey, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia also grew strongly in 2022.
The fastest growing Amazon platforms in the world

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