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Additional Services

Unboxing product

Multipacks or Bundles 

(up to a 14x20 poly bag in size)

​​Includes poly bag and labels.

  • 2 units -    $1.35

  • 3-5 units - $1.75

  • 6-12 units- $2.50

Bubble Wrapping

 +$0.50 Per sq ft

Product Insert

Per insert placed into poly bag

$0.20 Per insert

*Single units will need a poly bag to secure insert (add PB cost)

Additional labelling

$0.20 Per Label

-Expiration label
-Product Logo label
-Any other additional labels
-Sold us set (This label is already included in Bundle pack price)



$2.50 per item 

A Kit is a combination of various items into a single commodity unit. To create a kit, the customer provides:
- Description of the kit
-Commodity units
- Inserts, branded stickers, branded tape (if necessary)
- Special packaging (if necessary)
- When using a standard box, the cost of the box is set additionally and individually, depending on the size.

$0.25 per sticker

Discard Fee

$0.25 per Unit

Packaging materials

Photo Products

Used boxes

We care about nature and therefore try our best to reuse your original boxes whenever possible, these used boxes will incur a $1.50 labor and supplies fee. However, sometimes we have to use new boxes to ensure the security or cost-effectiveness of your shipments.

New boxes

  • Small      17x11x11       $2.48

  • Medium 21x16x15     $3.36

  • Large     27x15x16     $4.36

  • X-Large  24x20x21   $4.98

  • X-Small(from 4x4x4) Individually, depending on the size

Poly Bags
  • Large    18x24     $0.50

  • X-Large 36x48   $0.98

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